Leave A Legacy.

Join us in spreading joy and love through this unique sponsorship opportunity.

Dedicating an Adirondack chair will not only create a lasting memory but also support community growth and development of The Block Northway.

Dedicate a chair

Give the gift of a lasting tribute. Together we can make The Block Northway an even more welcoming and special place to gather!

Sponsorship Form

To sponsor an Adirondack chair in honor or memory of a loved one, please complete and submit this form. If you would like to sponsor more than one chair, please submit one form for each chair.

Note: Your dedication plaque will be located on the front-facing part of the seat of the chair for all to see.

After submitting the form and confirming your sponsorship, mail payment to:

The Block Northway
8013 McKnight Road
Pittsburgh, PA  15237

Please make your checks payable to: LRC Northway Mall Acquisitions LLC, LRC Realty Inc.

Legal Notice:

  • The Block Northway does not guarantee that the dedicated chair will be located in any specific location on the property and has the right to relocate the chair around the property at its discretion.
  • The Block Northway has no duty to replace any dedicated chair that is stolen or damaged, including but not limited to damage caused by vandalism, weather, and wear and tear.
  • The dedicated chair shall become the property of The Block Northway upon dedication and The Block Northway has no duty to return the chair at any time.
  • If The Block Northway property is sold, the new owner shall have no duty to display or return a dedicated chair.
  • The Block Northway is not a 501(c)(3) or other charitable organization and the fee paid by sponsor will not be considered a charitable contribution.